Buttocks Implant

Simply put, the experience exceeded all my expectations. This is what medical tourism should be about. You can be confident you are in expert, caring and friendly hands with these guys. Erol and his brother Erkan provide a service that I believe should be the norm and are probably setting standards for how medical tourism and enhancement surgery should managed. From the offset, our meeting at the airport (I travelled from London) was friendly and professional, they explained my schedule for my next few days, gave a brief background in casual conversation about their history in the medical field and what led them to offer this expert service. The surgeon performed an expert craft man job on my buttock implants and is the leading surgeon in this field in Turkey. He made me feel comfortable and his manner is approachable and again professional. Erol and Erkan provided assurances on what I should expect each step of the way before and after surgery. The hospital chosen was an internationally recognised facility and the staff were professional and friendly. They came to see me every day at the residence to ensure the healing process going to schedule I could not say enough good things about this experience and would recommend these guys to my friends. Thanks again for all.

Robert Murphy

Nose Reshaping

I had a nose job (rhinoplasty) with Beauty Form, I live in London but my father went online to look for somewhere in Turkey as he believes the turkish are the best at this field. He found Beautyform and liked the look of the website. So he called Erol/Erkan the owners and he said that they were so honest, genuine and professional that hewas even more certain this was going to be the best place for me. They were very honest to say that the nose i will end up with will be completely suited to the rest of my face; eyes, cheeks, lips, the measurement of my head and the ratios of all parts of my face. This gave me a lot of trust and motivation to do my rhinoplasty here. When me and my mother got to Istanbul airport, Erol and Erkan were waiting at the front with our names for a couple of hours in the heat, we first met here. They were so professional yet friendly, it was such a relief to see how genuinely kind and friendly they were, that me and my mum felt comfortable straight away, we were all talking within seconds from the airport until they drove us to where they had arranged our hotel/residency, it was as if we had known them for a long time. The place that was arranged for us to stay during the operation would defiantly be 10* but that doesn't exist so i would have to say 5*. It had a reception at the bottom floor who were very helpful and welcoming and when we got to the room we were in shock as it looked more like a penthouse then a hotel room. Erol and Erkan escorted us all the way to the room with our luggage and had bought shopping and placed it in the kitchen. They gave us a mobile phone with a charger and calling credit to use while we were there. The next day they came to pick us up to take me to the hospital for my operation. They were so friendly again that they made me feel relaxed and not nervous about the operation. The hospital was very well put together and all the staff were so welcoming and warm. The doctor who did my nose job was one of the best doctors at actually doing nose jobs but what also made him one of a kind was his happy and lovable energy that at this point so close to my operation i felt even less nervous and could tell that he loved what he did and we found out his father had established cosmetic surgery in Turkey and was one of the best. Therefore, he had experience with cosmetic surgery since he was 9 years old with his father so as time went by my faith that we had found the best place to do my nose grew. We discussed the shape of my nose with him and what i wanted and how he was going to change it. What i really respected about the doctor was when I asked to have my nose excatly like angelina jolie he told me he won't do that as her nose will not look good on my face as our proportions are different and out of place with my face that i wouldn't like it. He explained everything so clearly that I immediately had absolutely no doubts or worries, which i did have before going to Turkey, for how my nose would turn out. They did all the required check ups in the hospital room which was a big room with a bathroom and TV, both me and my mother slept there and it felt more like a home than a hospital. Erkan and Erol were always by our side making conversation and comforting my nervousness. I was put to sleep before i knew it i woke up on the bed with bandages on my nose. After this, i felt like sleeping as i was tired but i did not feel pain as i thought i would, maybe it was slightly uncomfortable and a little bit swollen but there was no unbearable pain which surprised me. Another thing i was very happy about was that the swelling on my eyes which usually is very swollen for a long time with dark black/purple bruising all around the eyes and cheeks - i knew this because i had seen 2 of my friends after their nose jobs. However, there was very light yellow and pink bruising only around the sides of my eyes and yellowish on the top of cheeks, it had swelling on the first 2 days as is expected, there was a secure caste on my nose and my eyes started getting back to normal after 5 days roughly but it was such a huge difference between my face at that point and my friends' faces when I remembered they had very dark black bruising all over their face for a longer time. This made me very grateful as it meant that the doctor had been very gentle and professional in order to be able to achieve this. I was checked by a nurse who were all gentle and friendly every half an hour after the operation. I slept at the hospital for one night and was given antibiotics and painkillers, the whole procedure was so efficient and done with complete concentration from every person involved that i was so comfortable i slept and watched TV and even started eating little snacks and drinking the same day. I was seen by the doctor the next day who explained exactly what he did during the operation and that he had even corrected a deviation i already had in my nose along with the rhinoplasty which were two separate surgeries. The doctor had seen the deviation when working inside my nose as you can not see that bone from the outside so obviously no-one knew it was there and we had not planned to correct it. It touched me when the doctor told me that he didn't have the heart to leave the deviation (which make it hard for me to breathe as it is bent) so he did this too, free of charge. It showed me how he genuinely cared for the well being of his patients, along with satisfying their requests. I have to be honest and say that i have never met a doctor more pure as a person and at his job then him. We were driven back to the residency by E & E they always kept a cheerful atmosphere but at the same time strictly told me what i can not do during those days and what will help the healing and always answered any questions i had. I found this very safe and i was quite overwhelmed and over-satisfied at experiencing the high quality of the over-all service which was caring but accurately organized, the living conditions along with the most professional yet modest doctor i had ever met. When i got back to the residency after the operation, i was able to walk around without any problems but i slept a lot to pass my time and help the healing. E & E left us at the flat and drove to the pharmacy to get my medicine i had to take for the next week and brought it back. I slept well every single night and still felt no pain just slight discomfort caused by the big bandages in my nose. After four days they drove us back to see the doctor for the follow up and to take the bandages off and place a smaller caste. It was a pleasure to see him again and as usual he started to make us all laugh as he took off my bandage and took my mind off what was happening. You can feel the care he has for his patient in his hands when he removed the bandages. He then placed a small caste over my nose and i was actually quite upset to say good-bye to this doctor i hardly knew, it showed the difference between him and all other doctors i have come across as we and the whole team involved from Beauty Form became close friends within a short amount of time. I was leaving Turkey to go to greece with my mother and my father and brother who joined us on the 2nd day we were there. Erol and Erkan took us all to starbucks and we all laughed and talked about many things, I learnt a lot of turkish history and interesting facts from them and they were always polite and considerate that the whole thing didn't feel like 'business' at all but much more caring and genuine, we met their parents and went to dinner where they lived - i called it 'the turkish beverly hills'. Their father and mother who created the business were so modest and treated us like family, it was hard to believe that this was just an operation we payed for. Speaking to his father at dinner my whole family agreed that they do not seek just to make money out of people, but they see their patients as individual humans and take into account their conditions, their age, their lifestyle and before anything else make sure it is safe and going to benefit the patient rather than them, if not they will reject it or suggest an alternative as they did with me wanting my celebrity's nose which would have not looked right on my face, so they did the best suited for my own face. It left such a good impression that my mother had decided she wanted to do a face lift and some other work done, she hadn't planned this but really trusted them and was impressed a lot. To prove once again how genuine they were, my mum had asked the doctor that day he was taking off my bandages for the prices of her to do the 2 surgeries and when she told him one of them was a face lift he examined her face, my mum is 50 years old, and he said he would not do a face lift on her because she doesn't need it yet, and gave her advice to do it later. I know from people that most, not all, but most doctors will do anything u ask them to do as long as they are getting money for it. All doctors and all service jobs should take this company's guidelines to work by. It was a great feeling that even though i still had the caste and didn't see my nose yet me and my family were sure we couldn't have found a better place than this to do my nose job anywhere. Finally after about a week, my caste came off while i was in greece and my nose looked so natural yet so precise in the things i had wanted changed and the shape of my nose was smaller and more symmetrical how i wanted it yet still it was incredibly natural, ihad never been more happier with something i payed for before, and the beautiful nose beauty form gave me was a bonus on top of the one-of-a-kind service I and my family received from beautyform altogether. I was told that when the caste comes off there will be a bit of swelling, but now after only 2/3 weeks the swelling has gone down slightly from then and will go down very slightly as time goes by. Even if the swelling didn't go down i would be very satisfied at the outcome of my nose at this point. Therefore, i am certain the cosmetic doctor that beautyform provided really was the most professional cosmetic surgeon for nose jobs that i would demand anyone i know who suddenly wanted a nose job or any other cosmetic surgery to just contact beautyform and they will take it from there and arrange the best experience you could have for surgery. I'm really impressed and will never forget this company and what it did for me and my family while we were guests in Turkey and i didn't expect to enjoy this operation atall but i will never forget how much i enjoyed it and the fun that came out of it.

Rudina Hajdini
United Kingdom

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