Nose Reshaping Surgery

Nose reshaping, or rhinoplasty, is one of the most frequent plastic surgery procedures performed today. Nose reshaping procedures can help to correct the disproportionate appearance of the nose in relation to the rest of the face, by altering the size or shape of the nose, the span of the nostrils, or the angle between the nose and the upper lip. Additionally, nasal birth defects, injury or chronic breathing problems can be corrected with this procedure.

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Information about Nose Reshaping Surgery
Length From 1 to 2 hours
Anaesthesia General
In/Outpatient Inpatient
How is Ear Reshaping Surgery Performed?

The surgery takes between one and two hours under general anaesthesia. Your surgeon will choose either a closed rhinoplasty procedure, where the incisions are made inside the nose, or an open procedure, in which the incision is made under the nose in order to lift the skin to see the nasal structure. Once the incision is made, the cartilage and bone will be restructured to bring the nose into balance and then sutures will be placed inside the nose. In order to control the bleeding, packing will be inserted in the nose.

Would Rhinoplasty be Right for me?

Most people who decide to go for rhinoplasty find that the procedure brings symmetry to the face, thereby improving self-confidence and their quality of life. Rhinoplasty corrects a wide range of defects including size, shape, crooked, drooped or bumpy, as well as breathing defects.

What should I expect coming out of the surgery?

Your nose will be packed with sterile gauze and usually a splint will be fitted , for approximately one week to hold the bones and cartilage in position until recovery is complete . You are likely to experience swelling and bruising around the eyes and cheeks.

What should I expect in my recovery period?

You will possibly be able to return to a normal routine between seven to ten days, provided you avoid strenuous activity including bending over or lifting heavy objects. For a few weeks you will need to sleep with your head elevated and avoid exposure to the sun for a few months. If you have to wear glasses, you will possibly need special support modifications in order to wear them safely during the recovery period.

Positive personality changes have been observed after this procedure in most cases. However, some people feel temporarily down after the procedure. This is generally attributed to two causes:

Final results can take up to six months to materialize.
Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) changes your accustomed appearance.

Procedure Nights Price
Nose Reshaping Surgery 7 € 3.600
Included in our all inclusive package price (excluding flights) are;
Accomodation (You can bring one person FREE of CHARGE)
Transfers between the airport, residence, consultations and hospital.
Full consultation with your surgeon/dentist the day prior to the operation
Pre-Operative Blood Tests
Full Examination
All Medication
An Overnight Stay in the Hospital (where necessary)
All Post-Operative Treatments and visits to the surgeon
Dressings & Surgical Wear (where necessary)
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