Lip Implant Surgery(Permalip)

Permalip is a permanent lip implant, which gives a natural, comfortable shape to thin or shapeless lips, caused by ageing or genetics.

One of the greatest challenges in plastic and cosmetic surgery of the perioral region (lip region) has been the search for an exceptional solution to lip enhancement. Past methods, both temporary and permanent, have met with disappointing results for both physician and patient.

Temporary solutions typically involve the use of commercially produced fillers or autologous or body fat, which can be unpredictable with respect to how long they last, and require repetitive treatments that are painful and costly.

Until now permanent solutions have relied on implants that may, due to their surface characteristics, promote tissue ingrowth. This may result in a restriction of movement and an unnatural appearance. Beautyform Cosmetic Surgery is pleased to bring you PermaLip™, the safe, definitive solution for permanent lip enhancement. PermaLip™ is a patented, CE marked device designed exclusively for the lip and has undergone extensive clinical testing to ensure its safety and efficacy.

PermaLip™ is an implant and NOT an injection of silicone. It is made of a soft, solid silicone elastomer using an injection molding process to produce a naturally contoured implant with a smooth, non-porous surface. The implant cannot rupture or deflate, and may be removed at any time.

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Information about Lip Implant procedure
Length From 15 to 30 minutes
Anaesthesia Local
In/Outpatient Outpatient
How is Lip Implant Surgery Performed?

PermaLip™ Lip Enhancement is relatively simple to perform. The mouth and lips are locally anaesthetized; then, a small incision is made in each corner of the mouth. The PermaLip™ implant is then passed through a tunnel in the lip and positioned in the center.

The process is then repeated for the other lip and the incisions are closed using absorbable sutures. The process typically takes less than thirty minutes and normal activity may be resumed the following day.

What should I expect coming out of Lip Implant Procedure?

You should expect to be swollen and slightly tender post-operatively. Depending on the individual, there may be some bruising around the lips as well. The majority of bruising and swelling usually subsides after the first week. Discomfort is usually present for a few days, which will be alleviated by pain medication prescribed by your physician.

When will I be able to see the results?

Your lips will be quite large and swollen in the first few days post-operatively. As the swelling subsides you will begin to see your final result.

How are lip implants comparable to injectables?

Implants do not wear off like temporary injectables. Temporary injectables are associated with repeat treatments every few months as the body breaks down the filler. Therefore, repetitive, painful, and costly injection procedures are required indefinitely if lip fullness is to be maintained.

On the other hand, permanent, or long-term fillers, also exist. While this type of filler does not need to be repeated regularly, they can be very difficult to remove. If an undesirable appearance results, or if a patient wishes to have their lips revert to their original size, this may be difficult to accomplish. PermaLip has the advantage of being both permanent, yet easily reversible, giving it the best of both worlds..

Procedure Nights Price
Permalip Lip Implant 6 € 2.700
Included in our all inclusive package price (excluding flights) are;
Accomodation (You can bring one person FREE of CHARGE)
Transfers between the airport, residence, consultations and hospital.
Full consultation with your surgeon/dentist the day prior to the operation
Pre-Operative Blood Tests
Full Examination
All Medication
An Overnight Stay in the Hospital (where necessary)
All Post-Operative Treatments and visits to the surgeon
Dressings & Surgical Wear (where necessary)
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