Eyelid Surgery

The eyes are essential conveyors of facial expression, displaying emotional feelings and vitality. With age, the eyelids tend to sag and sometimes produce puffiness, which makes a person appear tired and older than they really are. Eyelid surgery helps by reducing the appearance of heavy and sagging eyelids, puffiness and bags under the eyes, resulting in a fresh and revitalised look. Although there are several different techniques used by surgeons to alleviate these problems, the standard surgical technique usually involves redistribution or removal of fat deposits, excess skin and muscle.

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Information about Eyelid Surgery
Length From 1 to 3 hours
Anaesthesia Local
In/Outpatient Outpatient
How is Eyelid Surgery Performed?

The procedure is usually done with a local anesthetic and takes between one and three hours. The incisions follow the natural lines of your eyelids. The skin will then be separated from the underlying tissue and fat, excess will be removed and some repositioned. Your surgeon will then close the incisions using very small sutures.

In some cases, the transconjunctivital technique will be necessary, which requires an incision only in the lower lid and removal of a limited amount of fat.

What should I expect coming out of Eyelid Surgery?

After the surgery you will rest in a recovery area where you will be monitored. Blurred vision will result from ointment used to protect and sooth the eye, and from swelling which is normal after eyelid procedure. There should be surprisingly minimal discomfort from this surgery and you will probably be released from hospital after a short period of observation. However, under general anesthetic you will be required stay in hospital over night.

What should I expect in my recovery period?

Recovery time is approximately 10 days. You may feel a little tightness in your lids and possibly a little soreness following the procedure but this can be controlled by medication. Make sure your head is elevated for a few days and you may use cold compresses to control the swelling and bruising. You may start exercising after three weeks and, if necessary, start to wear contact lenses after two weeks.

What should I expect for my long term outcome?

Eyelid surgery provides a more alert and youthful look, which is usually long lasting. Although the aging process continues, patients are generally pleased with their appearance for many years after eyelid surgery.

Procedure Nights Price
Eyelid Surgery(Upper + Lower) 4 € 3.750
Upper Eyelid 4 € 2.575
Lower Eyelid 4 € 2.575
Included in our all inclusive package price (excluding flights) are;
Accomodation (You can bring one person FREE of CHARGE)
Transfers between the airport, residence, consultations and hospital.
Full consultation with your surgeon/dentist the day prior to the operation
Pre-Operative Blood Tests
Full Examination
All Medication
An Overnight Stay in the Hospital (where necessary)
All Post-Operative Treatments and visits to the surgeon
Dressings & Surgical Wear (where necessary)
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